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Like most suburban bored teenagers, looking ways to express themselves creatively without picking up a guitar and writing a song about your first love dumping you for Dave with the Ford Fiesta, a spray can was means to show flare and individuality whilst risking a relationship with the law.

Albeit, using the same wall over and over again, hidden from the public, surrounded by two up two down houses with Labradors and brightly coloured garage doors, didn't exactly 'stick it to the establishment'.

Tagging numerous pseudonyms in fear of being caught and attempting pieces with characters based around rave culture of the 90's and the grand masters of hip hop was where I drew my inspiration.

Art class got more care and attention than the wall behind ActionAir in a working class Whitstable, but that was my Switzerland, my Fort Knox, my North Korea/South Korea border control, my Illmatic, my Dad's wallet- completely impenetrable to interference and disruption from outsiders. Our painting crew of three, GeeMoney, LR and myself disbanded after a year, LR wasn't allowed out late at night and GeeMoney had got a car, a  Vauxhall Astra that he sprayed purple thanks to any cans we could nick out of Days Garage. Although I customised my shot gun seat in Money's sweet ride, our painting days were done. I tried recruiting Ebbo but he was shit. He'd only write 'AFC' or 'GOOONERS' and there was no way he'd miss Match of the Day whilst waiting for me to get on to the 'Big Up' line on Westwood's show (only ever got on once, took me hours) Graffiti was dead.


Fast forward 15 years and you'll find an actual grown up. Bills to pay, nephews and nieces, career and SICK sneaker collection. Ultimately its due to the sneakers and art combo that's got me here today with you fine people purchasing my art to put on your walls instead of a perfectly fine Ikea canvas of a 'enter generic city here ' skyline.

I paint on wood, canvas, metal, card, walls and whatever else I can get away with. I still try and maintain my original inspiration, 80's/90's youth culture, nostalgia and generally any cool shit but with a lot of appropriation.

My crew are allowed out for as long as their wives will allow and have perfectly fine paint detailing on their cars. I vary my images as much as I can, which I think are decent enough. If you like them, awesome, if you don’t, I'm sure you've come here by mistake or just having a nose whilst the Argos site is under maintenance.







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